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Introducing the new Midget coupé - December 2018

Like the three works GT cars built at Abingdon in 1962, this version, newly available from Halls Garage, Bourne in Lincolnshire, is based on the standard steel MG Midget floor-pan but clothed in exterior panels, not of aluminium this time, but of fibre-glass. Had BMC decided to mass-produce a GT version of the Midget in the mid 60's as many hoped, they would almost certainly have used the Mk2/3's semi-elliptic rear suspension and the later-style doors with exterior handles, locks and wind-up windows. The GT having a shallower rake to its windscreen than does the convertible, a smaller fixed quarterlight has had to be employed. The remainder of the shape and fittings are modelled on the 3 original cars.

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