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Reflecting on three rather special racing MG Midgets of the 1960's

Midget 50 line-up


January 2023

Having created this website over 10 years ago now, I have decided it is time for me to pass it on to a new face who can maintain the integrity of the site while injecting some new ideas to bring it into the 2020s. Max Authers has kindly offered to take this on in the near future.

February 2021Sebring 65

A newly donated photo: "771 BJB is in the left foreground and barely visible is the windscreen of 770 behind" at Sebring for the 12 Hours in 1965. Driven by Americans Chuck Tannlund and Milt Wagstaff (DNF) for BMC, Andrew Hedges and Roger Mac drove the sister car to 26th place overall. The other BMC entry, the MGB No.48 of Picard and Pease came 32nd. Photo courtesy of the Michael Eaton Collection.

December 2018

Launch of the Tifosi Jem ~ Jacobs Midget Replica

Halls Garage, of Bourne in Lincolnshire have just launched their replica of Tifosi Jemthe Jacobs Midget and articles have appeared in Kit Car magazine, MG Enthusiast and Classic Car Weekly.
Read them on the Tifosi Jem page to learn more.

In just 18 months since their acquisition of the fledgling project Steve Hall and Jason Elliott have produced a remarkable likeness ro the original car.

Christopher Martyn 1936 - 2018. We are sorry to have to report the recent death of Chris Martyn at the age of 82. During his varied racing career he once shared a drive (in 1963) in one of the Dick Jacobs MG Midget Coupes with Andrew Hedges as co-driver, finishing 13th overall, 2nd in the 1300cc GT class.

* * * * * * * *

Alaster Smith tells me "I was Dick's "dogsbody" as referred to in his book.  I have recently been going through some old photographs and have a few of the Midgets which you might like":

[Anyone know where this was?]
Dick Jacobs checks under one of the bonnets
Dick marches off. (? at Goodwood)
[where & when]
Andrew Hedges, on left, and presumably Alan Foster in the helmet? and Dick Jacobs on right.


November 2018



October 2018



June 2017

David Morys reports, after MG Live at Silverstone: "Saturday was so hot but we did manage to dart from umbrella to umbrella though it meant every stop was an eat or drink excuse to use the tables!

Nothing much of interest for the Sprite/Midget boys but the Milne car was there and I took a fair few shots."

See 138 DJB

March 2017

Roger Friend reminisces:

"I used to work at the Chequered Flag (Garage) Edgware, and my boss was Alan Foster one of Dick Jacobs' drivers. The 'Jacobs Midgets' were delivered to the Chequered Flag from Abingdon by men in white coats and before they where loaded on to the Mill Garage transporter Alan Foster decided he wanted to give them a blast up the Edgware Road. He asked me to jump in and off we went; my impression was that it was not quite as quick as a race-prepared Lotus Elite but the road holding was as good, if not slightly better. Andrew Hedges was also there along with Dick Jacobs, and everybody agreed they looked like baby Ferraris. There you go, Martin ~ Happy Days for me as a spotty teenager. Regards, Roger".

February 2017

Sebring 65
This fine shot of the two ex-Dick Jacobs cars before the start of the 1965 Sebring 12 hours was discovered by David Morys. Car No.68 was driven by Andrew Hedges and Roger Mac to a class win while No.82 (Charles (Chuck) Tannland and John Wagstaff) retired with con rod failure.


February 2016

Bill Pricehas has kindly provided two photos which were originally published in his wonderful book "The BMC/BL Competition Department":

770 Nurburg
one from the Nurburgring 1000kms (left) and the other from the Targa Florio race (right).
See also 'Back to Abingdon'.

August 2015

Targa 65Robert Clubbe recently came up with this photo of the 1965 Targa Florio (ex-Jacobs) Midget of Hopkirk and Hedges showing the Competition Department's modified side exhaust.



July 2015BMC Australia

From Joe Armour in NSW Australia: " This (MG Midget) was built in Australia using UK parts. Gearbox was a 4 speed MGA unit so this had to be related to the LeMans/Sebring cars like mine that had 4 speed MG gearboxes with overdrive for 1966 and then were modified to include a 5th gear for 1967 & 68. I I had a ride in this Midget at the Albany Around the Houses Race meeting back in 199? I believe it is now in Queensland ".
Read the Article from Sports Car World, Dec, 1967.

May 2015

Mill GarageA very atmospheric shot of 770 BJB at Mill Garage in 1962.[Photo supplied by the Revs Library]

See "Your Comments" for messages from Dennis Wharf & Pat Harris

March 2015

Motorsport 74

"Looking back with Dick Jacobs" ~ an article from 'Motorsport' in 1974 written just after the closure of Mill Garage




Midget Mark 1 BMC hardtop for sale in good original condition.


A rare 'works' Midget Mk 1 hardtop which used those unusual side-screens with sloping backs. In amazing condition Angelo van der Rijt is looking for a fair offer (around 400 Euros). (Sorry NOW SOLD)Letter

Letter from Bill Price of BMC Competitions Dept

to Dick Jacobs about the homologation of the Lockheed disc brakes and wire wheels on 770 BJB and 771 BJB. [courtesy of Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird]


Another Jacobs Midget?

Per RoxlinWell, not quite - but a good early attempt at a copy built by BMC Sweden soon after the Abingdon-built cars and one which was raced by former F1 driver, Reine Wisell.

This Facebook post from Per Roxlin in Sweden tells of the car he owns and about which more photos and information can be seen on his website :



January 2015

Dennis Wharf has kindly supplied a lovely photo (top right) of 771 BJB in the hands of its owner Malcolm Beer. He says:

"It was taken at the 1995 MGCC Silverstone International Meeting, during what must have been one of the last high speed trials to be included in the annual Silvers programme. Malcolm is driving, and has fitted what appears to be 14" minilites.  It also has non-period door mirrors which were fitted in early 1987 to comply with the regs for the first Mille-Miglia re-runs, something Syd (Beer) had embarked upon with Keith Guerrier as co-driver. Sadly they didn't get very far before terminal electrical problems intervened.  I'm not sure how the mirrors were fitted, for they were removed shortly after I took this picture without any noticeable trace.  I think the car looks simply lovely in this shot, leaning slightly towards the camera through the old complex behind the BRDC suite, it looks very poised".

December 2013

Kurt Larson, from California, has built a pretty accurate copy of YRX 747 (though presumably without the lightweight aluminium panels):

YRX rep
YRX rep

Autosport Article

Another article (believed to be from Autosport)


and a link to some early Jacobs Midget photos
by John Hendy at http://john.shendy.co.uk
[kindly mentioned to me by David Morys]



October 2013

Martin Cunningham of Dublin is looking for one of these unusual raked side-screens for the nearside of a Midget Mk 1. He has 2 offside (RH side) ones so could swap.
Contact him if you can help, please.

August 2013

Craigantlet Hill Climb & Alloy-Bodied Midgets

May 2013

More on the works rally cars:

Karsten Stelk has kindly supplied photos of the RAC Trophy awarded to Astle and Roberts for their class win in 1961 and I have added an additional photo and paragraph to YRX 727 telling how superbly Paddy Hopkirk drove the car in the Ards Airfield driving test, 1962.

April 2013

Lightweight works rally cars for 1961 A few amendments to YRX 747'.

A new web page featuring the Midget and Sprite Competition Register has now been added to the site. If you own a competition Midget or Sprite the registrar, Steve Luscombe, would be grateful if you would register its details with him.

February 2013

Period photos of 138 DJB in its early life with John Milne supplied by The Bill Henderson Collection

January 2013

Klaus Weddell kindly sent in this photo right showing the start of the 1000kms race at the Nurburgring in 1964 in which all three of the Midget coupes took part. The two Jacobs cars are clearly visible, as also is the Healey's prototype Targa Florio car, numbered 122.

A new link has been added to the site connecting it with that of the MG Car Club's Midget Register - see Links

June 2012

New photos of the ex-works Midget 6 GRX before its meticulous restoration





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771 BJB
Malcolm Beer and 771 BJB at Silverstone in 1995

138 BJB
James Willis at the Goodwood Revival 2010

KT 1000kms1964

1000kms Nurburgring 1964
photo: Günther Molter